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Mooresville, NC 

Environmental Compliance Specialist

The Environmental Compliance Specialist is primarily responsible for supporting departmental environmental compliance initiatives including providing support for the Lowe’s HAZMAT Item and WERCS 3rd party compliance data classification processes as well as processing a wide variety of vendor and regulatory compliance related invoices and payment[FT-T1] s through Spend Management and License HQ platforms.

The Environmental Compliance Specialist is also responsible for preparing paperwork and payments for environmental and HAZMAT related permits, licenses, and fees for all stores and supply chain locations, and including License HQ database tracking of all payments and sending the permits to the stores as well as payment of all EPA mandated annual bulk chemical Tier II fees. This position is also responsible for entering and tracking regulatory inspections and HAZMAT emergency spill response reports in the LicenseHQ database.
To accomplish this, the Environmental Compliance Specialist must have functional knowledge of DOT hazardous materials, EPA hazardous waste and OSHA regulations along with applicable laws and regulations.

The Environmental Compliance Specialist will collaborate directly with Store Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, Merchandising, and Asset Protection personnel in the field and at the corporate office as well as with associated vendor representatives in order to accomplish the above goals and objectives.




[FT-T1]Spelling: payments

[FT-T2]Add: DOT

[FT-T3]Add: DOT

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